April is Poetry Month


Happy Spring!  April is poetry month.  A time to welcome poetry into your teaching.    A time for opening windows, lingering sunshine, and seed planting in our journals.   Here in South Florida, Springtime is in the flora and fauna.  Today I noticed the Tabebuia chrysotricha tree standing tall in the parking lot of the library I go to every day after school.  Its sunny yellow blossoms drifted from the branches to the ground.   I usually carry a small spiral notebook with me where ever I go, to jot down ideas of inspiration.  You can find the seeds for a poem just about anywhere.


Here is a “double”  haiku.  A little non traditional but I have kept the 5, 7, 5 syllable  pattern for each of the stanzas.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 8.46.47 PM

I hope you will stop and notice the beautiful flora that is awakening in your neighbourhood, and jot down your own seeds of inspiration.


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  1. Just found your post on FB, Suzy. I think we have a bit in common. I taught 6,7,8 grades, a mixed classroom for a lot of years in an independent school. We spent much time outside writing and journaling, overnight, too! I love your tree that ‘rains yellow’! I posted a few ‘buds’ today from the garden. That’s about it for Denver right now! Happy April!


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